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Nearby Group Property Services guarantees seriousness, professionalism and time keeping for all our projects. Here we describe our main work areas.


Nearby Group Property Services carries out constructions starting from the ground work, up until the handover of the keys.

Our building company makes all types of residential and townhouses.

Nearby Group as a building company, has over 15 years experience whose major projects have been constructed in Almeria.

Nearby Group always works with the best professionals and materials, so that our final builds are impeccable. Our projects are our hallmark and our clients, our best guarantee.


We offer services through the whole Almeria province. We are dedicated to providing services for Reforming homes, Civil Work and Construction in general.


Nearby Group is your construction company



We work with all general reform productions; houses, farmhouses, apartments, flats. Bathrooms, tiling, paving, plumbing, electricals, paint, windows and doors, etc.

We work with a team of professionals with over 15 years experience in the sector.
We are specialists in projects and reforms of local business premises, where the finishing line is of high importance.

We adapt our projects to fit your needs and your budget.

We work both for companies and individuals.


Do not hesitate to contact us! For all your enquiries and these will be dealt with in a professional and timely manner.


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Civil Work

The concept of civil work is used to refer to building projects which are a result of civil engineering, developed for the interest of the population.

Our activity is focused fundamentally on the development of all types of infrastructures of civil work and auxiliary edification, covering an ample field, from ground moving to the installation of sewers, supplying mains drinking water, garden irrigation networks, electrical networks, street lighting, concrete surfacing and paving.

We apply the actual regulations for all town services and company suppliers, with whom we are always in contact with to maintain up to date said regulations.

At Almeria Casas Inmobiliaria Real Estate S.L, we rely on the best in the sector, both personnel and machinery as manufacturers and services.


Through our quality system, we manage and substantiate that all the means employed in any project comply with the strictest of quality controls and all of the administrative requirements.


Experience and innovation for a sustainable social development.


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Printed Concrete

Printed concrete has been around for over 30 years, but today it’s becoming more and more popular thanks to the lush range of colors and textures, which enable the making of resistant, colourful and hardwearing pavements. Due to the fact it’s waterproof, it bides acid attacks, grease and oil stains, and also it can be used in areas badly affected by transit, such as parks, ramps, fairgrounds , sidewalks, etc. These factors, added to almost no maintenance, explain why it triumphs in homes with gardens, displacing traditional pavements.

Printed concrete imitates slate tiles, cobble stones, stone paving or other surfaces. As it is anti-skid, it also give excellent results in walking areas near to pools.

Specialists in decorative paving using printed concrete.

Our aim is for the price of the product to adjust to all kinds of work, offering very competitive prices and the best solutions for the smaller customer too.


We characterize ourselves for respecting timelines and agreed prices, always offering maximum quality.




Pool Maintenance


We take of chemical water treatments, super chlorination, sedimentation, flocculation, brushes, vacuums, sand changes, shock treatments and water changes. Everything that your pool needs

We offer a comprehensive pool maintaining service: throughout the summer, winter, all year round or just the months you choose.

If you don’t have one, we will build one for you. Using the best in the sector with experience, who are able to build you the pool you always wanted, whatever size or shape.


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